You Might Be Culturally Losing Your Yoruba Children Abroad To A Strange Culture!

Rescue Your Yoruba Children Abroad Now !

“Preserving Your Heritage Language is the key to preserving your next generation, giving your child a true sense of identity and a high level of self esteem.”

– Soji Oyenuga

Yoruba For Kids Abroad - Learn Yoruba In 27 Days

This Unique, Easy, Fun, Kid’s Friendly, Game-like, Yoruba Culture-Rich and Interactive Software Will Systematically and Pyschologically Take Your Kid(s) From Zero Interest Level in Yoruba Language & Culture To A Comfortable Level of Interest, Understanding and Speaking Yoruba Language In as Little as 27 Days.

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How To Transfer Your Yoruba Language & Culture To Your Children


This is an excellent interactive software. It is written with simplicity and is easy to use even by those who are not computer- savvy. I personally like the way it is laid out and the quality of the graphics.This is a must-have software not only for all diaspora parents who are concerned about having their children speak and understand their native language but also for parents back home. Our traditional societies are fast becoming westernised and we stand the risk of losing our kids to foreign cultures, this software is a valuable investment to guard against this.

Dr Paul Olawuwo Oladipo, MD (Canada)

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This Ground Breaking Interactive Software Will Daily Motivate Your Kids To Love and Want To Learn Yoruba Via This System For The Next 27 Days and Beyond. The Game section of This Software Acts As An Irresistable Incentives For Your Kids To Keep Learning Yoruba Everyday. The Inspirational Puzzle At The End of Most Sections of The Software Motivates Your Kids Abroad To Be The Best They Can Be Irrespective Of Their Race, Religion or Educational Background.


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The driving force of any culture is the language. Culture is meaningless without language and a man or woman without culture is lost indeed. In spite of the repeated clamour for assimilation in the new world, most immigrant parents yearn for their children to have some cultural identity. Their most important tool is language and yet, their greatest challenge is finding effective teaching methods.

This ebook and the accompanying Interactive Software provides a modern approach to interactive teaching of Yoruba language and it’s nuances in the context of play and entertainment that most diaspora children are familiar with. It’s simplicity, practicality and attention to individual progress has personally impressed me. I have no doubt that your children and wards will now be able to have a meaningful conversation with you and their grand parents in the next 27 days.


–Dr Oladele Akinbolue MD, DA FRCA, FRCP

Founder Yoruba Language School, Saskatoon,Canada 2007


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Here Are The Top 7 Features/Benefits of Buying This Software Now

1) The content of this software is specifically created with your Yoruba Kids Abroad In mind.

Your kid(s) will immediately be guided by this system to start speaking the needed Yoruba language in beginning from 7 days from now. The course content is creatively designed with adequate research on natural language acquisition for kids that are in a country or location in which the parents language is not the official language.

The course content focuses on essential practical day-to-day activities that Immigrant kids abroad are engaged in. We totally avoid non-essential academic exercise and quickly focus on the “meat” of the language. The Key is to have you kid(s) understand, appreciate and speak Yoruba asap.

2) Our Software is Organised and Visually presented in a calender form with 27 days in the calender

This software is highly interactive with first class quality Yoruba culture-rich audio visual presentation. It engages your kids 5 senses. We made this software an attention grabber with your kids in mind.

Each day of our software calender, your kid will learn new yoruba words, phrases, yoruba values, they will receive kids’ friendly incentive for completing each section and be motivated to be the best they can be wherever they are irrespective of their color, race and educational background through short success quotations.


3) The three main component of our software uses game-like structure

The 3 components of each section of the software are Interactive lesson, Interactive quiz & Randomizer, and Puzzle Games. We arranged this in a way that your kid(s) will have to have gone through the lesson and quiz before access to the game session is given. This way, the game section becomes the irresistable incentives for your kids to daily learn Yoruba language and culture. These components are entertaining as the kids are learning yoruba language and culture. This technique always interests the kids to daily wants to use our software system as they consider it as PLAYING and not WORKING. Thus, they are self-motivated to learn Yoruba Language and Culture daily with little effort from your end. That I consider revolutionary.

4) This software is interactive with first class quality Yoruba culture-rich multi-media audio visual presentation.

Each of the visual settings of this first class rated mutlimedia software depicts the true dressing, greeting, food and overall culture of Yoruba land. All the activities in each section depicts yourba cultural settings.


5) Our software is truly designed and tested to have your kids Speak Yoruba In as little as 27days

In less than 27days, you would have rescued your next generation from being “lost” in a hurry as a result of language loss from you to your kids.

We made it possible for you to finally get rid of the guilt that you are responsible for the “loss” of your next generation.

What a great relief it will be that in less than 27days, your kids will finally be seen no more as an outsider when he or she has to communicate with other yoruba kids abroad or back in Nigeria.


6) This software system includes Yoruba Language Buddy that daily reminds your kid when and how to go about learning Yoruba for the day

One of the top reasons why many people do not achieve a goal they set out for (including learning a language) is lack of discipline and consistency to follow through. Our software integrates a propreitary software called “Yoruba Language Buddy” that daily pops up (like msn messenger) to gently remind you and your kid(s) to learn Yoruba language today. You have the luxury of setting the time and frequency (twice daily) of when you want “Yoruba Language Buddy” to remind you of your next lesson.

This interesting and fun to look at computer character helps your kid to be consistent throughout the 27days. This is like a paid “teacher” that stays in your computer and helps build the consistency and guide that your kid needs to succeed in learning yoruba comfortably in 27days


7) We are committed to helping your kid(s) gain a true sense of identity and a high level of self esteem as Yoruba Kids Abroad.

The inspirational quotes that appears when the software is loading and also in the puzzle games of the software is intended to motivate your Kids abroad to be the best they can be irrespective of their race, religion or educational background.


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Don’t take my word for it. Read what fellow Yoruba Parents Abroad are saying.

Unsolicited Comment/Testimonial

My boys tried the software they love it and want more of it. I really appreciate the efforts put into the program. I am sure it is going to be a success as many people have been talking about it already

I wish you can interview the kids themselves, they are having fun with the software, they are the one hustling me to get them the rest of the videos. it’s simply amazing.

I am glad someone like you is seriously thinking about our heritage, hopefully our people will take advantage of this great opportunity.

I will suggest you create a website that would allow people to place their order online.


Waheed S. Ayinde

St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Unsolicited Comment/Testimonial

I’m glad to read from you. Its a struggle to teach our kids our language, since it has become their own second language as opposed to the first. Well, with your help many kids will be able to get a grip of what our language is like in a format they are accustomed to. My kids understand and can speak quite a bit, but I’m praying and hoping as they grow older they get a better understanding of how rich their culture is when they speak their mother tongue fluently.

Have a Blessed Day!

Kemi Babatunde (California, USA)

Unsolicited Testimonial

I am happy and rejoice with you and other Yorubas in diaspora that this dream has come to fruition. Congratulations.

Kunle Ajisebutu

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Unsolicited Testimonial

Congratulations!!! I just placed my order.

Good luck and God bless.

Kunle Ajisebutu

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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